The Grand Build

Hello and welcome back to our class blog.
This week we were given the challenge of building the pier using everyday materials. we had great fun and showed we are really good at team work.

After we built a model of the Grand Pier we researched the Pier and we found out some facts. Did you know that the pier was officially opened on the 11th June 1904? We will be finding out more about the pier over the next few weeks, we also have someone coming to visit us from the museum soon. On Tuesday we will be visiting the pier to look at the materials used to build it.
In science we have been describing the properties of different materials, some things we found were rigid, some were flexible, some were transparent and some were opaque.

Also this week we have been continuing our work on multiplication and will be focusing on the 2 times tables next week.
We have earned our class treat this week and we voted to have a party. We will be able to bring our party clothes into wear for it. We are really proud and excited!
More from us next week.