Thank you for your support!

Today is a happy day and a sad day.  As arts week draws to a close we (Echo Opera Company) managed to put on three performances of ‘Boarding School Nightmare’.  It was a resounding success!  Thank you to everyone who came to performances and supported us.  So many people were delighted with our performance and we are so pleased it all went so well.

It is a sad day, too as Echo Opera Company is no more and we now revert back to our old title of 4B!  Some children are applying to join Weston Oppits next week, others are applying to become opera mentors to assist teachers for the next group of classes to take part in ‘Write an Opera’.  Others are happier moving on to new things, now they have tried it.

Attached are some pictures of the performances and the exhibition as well as some of our memorable moments from the Write an Opera learning journey.  Once again, thank you for all your support.  Also a special mention to Cole’s dad who unfortunately didn’t get a mention in the programme but was a superstar helping Cole to lead his musicians through tough times.  Well done to you both!

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