Terrific Triple Trophies!!!

This has been one of our best weeks in 5a! We are delighted to tell our fans that we have, once again, won trophies in Celebration Assembly! Not only have we won the lunch-time Star Award twice, but we also won the P.E trophy! We were the first class to gain twenty points with Miss H. by being good listeners, being polite, being silent when we were asked to be and having a great sporting attitude! Mrs. Charles, Mrs. Board and Miss Allcock are very proud of us!

We celebrated our first Global Education day on Wednesday, with the Hindu Festival of Navaratri. We learned about the story and acted out the main scenes – then we showed our parents in the afternoon! Thank you to all the parents that came to help us and thank you for joining in with our dancing – very brave!!

In Literacy, we have been doing descriptive writing by writing in role as the cold princess in our book. Here are some of Niall’s ideas:

“….I tried to toss the blanket off me but it just crumbled. ”                     “……it was embroidered with brown and black…it petrified me..”        “…roots strangled me like a shroud…”

Have a great weekend and make sure you have your tickets for our amazing play next week!