Term 1 over already!

What a busy term we have had!

This final week, we have finished our WW2 memoirs so they are ready for publishing when we return next term. In maths, we have been using our column addition and subtraction learning by working out how much things costs and what change we would get from certain values of money. Science has been fun as we have been making circuits to check if our predictions were right. Some of us got a little frustrated when we knew a circuit should work but it didn’t! We had to put on our problem solving heads and soon worked out that we needed to make sure the cells or batteries still had energy and then that the bulbs were working. In spellings, we have learned about suffixes -ed, -ing, er and est.

The dreamers club had a cake sale this week and some of us helped organise that. The rest of us enjoyed buying and eating the cakes!

Here are some photos of us carrying out our science investigation.