Term 1 finished!

Another good week. Sadly, we didn’t win 3 awards today but we were pleased to win the didi cars again for our excellent lunchtime behaviour.

This morning, lots of parents joined us to do some activities. Here are some photos.

img_4401 img_4402 img_4403 img_4404 img_4405


We have written a discussion text about whether Juba, the main character in our text, should leave his baby sister in Rome or take her to Britannia.

In maths, we have been adding 1s, 10s  and 100s to 3 digit numbers. Today we had an ‘egg challenge’ where worded problems were hidden in eggs and we had to crack the egg and solve the problem using our learning from the week. `

In music, we have been practising our Raise the Roof songs. One of our activities this morning was to make hats to wear when we attend Raise the Roof.