Teamwork makes a dream work!

Hi 4a fans!

So much has happened since our last post! The past two weeks have been crazy! 

Last week we had a team building day. A company called Wise Up Team Building visited us from Kent and spent the day with us completing challenges in small teams. We found some of the challenges harder than others but once we started planning, talking, listening and working together the challenges seemed much easier.

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We also worked well in PE and during lunchtimes. Our efforts were recognised and we won both the PE trophy and the lunchtime star award!


We have started a new Maths learning journey, all about money. We are hoping to learn a lot and be able to become super savers!

Also, we have found out a little more about the upcoming election. We all had the opportunity to write manifestos and present our manifestos to Miss Edwards and Mr Tucker. Leah and Rhiannon are in the running to become Prime Minister; next week we will be able to tell you who won!

We have welcomed Mia into our class and are all hoping she enjoys being in with us. We are enjoying having her!

This week, on Tuesday, we were lucky enough to have ANOTHER visitor. His name was Tom McLaughlin and he is an author. He read us some of his stories and then, using our suggestions, he drew two monsters. Some of us were lucky enough to have our own copies of his new book signed by him!

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Also, on Tuesday, we had an attendance assembly where we were rewarded for our great attendance. There was a prize draw and Corey and Piper were two of the lucky winners. They both won a £5 book token!

On Wednesday, we watched the Year 2 assembly about Ash Dykes and it was AWESOME! Well done Year 2! Wednesday was also a good day as Liam took part in a Co-op cross country event and did amazingly well. As a school we came 1st! WELL DONE BOURNVILLE!!!

The week ended with a fantastic Opera day! We have now finalised our 6 point plot and it is sounding very good. The characters are looking pretty spectacular too, after the help of some great parents!

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Keep reading our blog to find out more about the Opera and the other exciting things happening in 4a!

Bye for now.