Taking off with DT week in 3A

Hello 3A fans

This week has been very exciting in 3A because it has been DT week. We have been thinking about Chinese New Year and learning that they fly kites to celebrate so we decided to make our own. First of all we practiced using the saws and cutting the right length of wood. (Top tip keep your fingers out of the way!) Then we designed our own Chinese kites on paper before making small model kites which gave us an idea what the finished kites would look like. Then using canes, string,newspaper and lots of glue we made the full size kites. We haven’t tested them yet… fingers crossed that they fly.

On Thursday we went swimming and we had a new teacher called Tina because Sam has gone to have her baby. We all swam in the deep end some of us were very brave and didn’t use a woggle (Mikey is a fish!)

Look out for our kite photos…coming soon!