Swimming through our first week back!

To start the week we continued reading our book, Varjak Paw. Sally Bones arrived on the scene. We found out lots of information about what she and her gang look like. Later we all wrote a diary entry as if we were Varjak and then Sally Bones.

On Thursday morning we went swimming for the first time. Initially we were quite worried about even putting our heads under the water but by the end we were brave enough to swim in the deep end. (Sophie and Salem both got class points because they were the first across!)

Our new topic is ‘Once, long ago’ which is about Ancient Egypt. On Thursday afternoon we had a visit from a lady who was suffering from an Egyptian curse! We helped remove the curse by telling her everything we knew about the Ancient Egyptians. (PS: It was Archie’s birthday too!) Later that afternoon we became treasure hunter’s and found treasure hidden deep in the sandy desert.

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