Swimming Lessons at Sidcot School

From January 2014, pupils here at Bournville Primary School will be attending swimming lessons at Sidcot School, switching from Hutton Moor.

In association with our co-operative partner Sidcot Independent School, we will now be able to access the 25m swimming pool located at their sports centre.  The pupils will have exclusive use of the whole pool every Thursday morning and the lessons will now be one hour long as opposed to half an hour with the teaching groups being much smaller.  The amount of time spent swimming per class will remain the same but will be run over one term rather than two. Sidcot School will be providing two swimming coaches in addition to our own fully trained staff.

Mr Matthews believes that Swimming at Sidcot will give the children more time to progress their swimming skills in a quality environment that is more secure and better suited to high quality teaching.

The school will be using part of its pupil premium and Government PE money to provide this enhanced provision for its pupils.

We are looking forward to January when we can get started!