Superheroes to the rescue!!

Hello Penguin followers

This week we have been learning new letter sounds and the “alphabet” said Zaivia.  We have learnt i, n, m, d in phonics.  It is not too late for parents and carers to join phonics fun every Thursday morning 9-10.30am in the community room.  It is really informal and you get to make some brilliant games and resources to take home with you.  Mrs Cherry runs the session and you get to have a tea/coffee and a chat about how we teach phonics with your children.

In mathematics we have been learning about 2D shapes and their properties.  The children are really good at knowing the shape names…”triangle” said Warren, “rectangle” said Darren, “circle” said Albert, “diamond” said Crystal, “square” said Kaitlyn, “semi-circle” said Lillie, “hexagon” said Zaivia.

On Friday we raised money for Children in Need we all dressed up as superheroes.  All week the children made masks and we also wrote some wishes on stars.  We thought carefully abouit our wishes for children who might be in need of things.  “Food” said Grace,  “my wish was flowers” said Crystal, ” I wish that they could have motorbikes” said Kaiden, “superhero costume” said Reece, Darren said that ” I could sell my dog and give them the money”.

Here we are dressed in our superhero cotumes!P1050224 P1050225 P1050227 P1050228 P1050229 P1050229 P1050230 P1050232 P1050234