Superhero Winners

On Thursday of this week, we received a very mysterious letter! It came from Messers Sew And Stitch and with it was an amazing Superted outfit which had been made to measure. TUT looked amazing in it and it was a good job he had it as he was called upon for his first adventure to save Pudsey from the Evil Crow! The book of his heroism is in school so please come in and read it when you have time!

Today we have made fabulous Superhero masks to go with our Superhero costumes. Mrs. Board and Mrs. Charles think we all look “super” and “out of this world”! Carol won the prize for the best costume as she had made it all herself.

Lastly, once again, we won the lunchtime star award AND the sporting trophy! Miss H. said we won it for our superb teamwork!

Have a great weekend.