Super Stonehenge

On Wednesday morning, we were super excited as we were going on a trip to Stonehenge. We left school at 8am so that we could be there early enough to have a whole day of exploring. We got to go on a double decker coach which was so fun!

When we got there we were greeted by a lady who looked after us for the morning. We had to put our bags in a huge locker and get dressed up in funny clothes. Then, we got on a bus which took us up to the stones. We were amazed by them and had lots of questions to ask. We found out a lot of information when we were there and had most of our questions answered.

After we had looked at the stones and found out lots of facts, we went up to the top of a big hill and rein-acted an ancient burial. we volunteered Destiny to be buried and she had to lie in a specific position, surrounded by artefacts.

It was now lunch time and because the weather was so nice, Miss Edwards let us eat our lunch outside and play on the field after.

After lunch we explored the museum and went in the neolithic houses. We were fascinated by the fact that there beds were wooden and did not have mattresses! John thought they were comfortable. However, the rest of us disagreed!