BPS – Pupil Premium 2015 Awards Winners!
Bournville Primary School is an OUTSTANDING School!

Super Singing Session!

This Tuesday, we had a special visit from Jane.  She was from the Royal opera House and she led a workshop helping us with our singing.  We did all types of voices such as football voice, headteacher and choirboy voice.  We did 1,2,3,4,5 with our hands.  We also played a blindfold game singing and listening to our groups.  Our singing is a million times better now!

Poppy has learned to use different voices for her acting.

Chardonnay has learned how to listen to others in her singing group.

Amelia has learned to use her voice and her hands to get the pitching right.

Today we composed the interlude music for the opera and next week we will start to consider the melodies for each song.  This could take a while!


Also a warm wlecome to Ethan who has joined our class.


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