Super scientists!

This week we have been learning about soil in science. We started by making predictions about whether clay or sand soil would drain fastest. As a class, we then planned what we would need to know, about soil, to carry out an experiment. We observed, explored, raised questions and set up an experiment. We now know that soil is made from organic material and rocks, all soils are not the same and sand drains quicker than clay soil.

          I learnt that if you add water to soil it gets mushy because some of the water stays in the soil. After, we got sandy soil and  clay soil and we compared them. (Leland)

         When we put water and soil some of the soil went down to the bottom. (Jakub)

         I learnt that when you put water in with clay soil it drains slowly because the water has to take its time. Sandy soil drains   fast because it is not that clayey. (Keaghan)

      If you mix sand and soil together it, when you water it, it will drain quicker. (Emily T)

       I learnt that when you put water in clay soil it goes through slowly and it gets all soggy. (Jack)

Here are some pictures.



Happy half term!