Super Scientific Soil!

The last two weeks, we have been really busy with science, English and eco education!

In science we have been looking at soil and doing experiments with it too. Meet Muddi Davis. She can be really muddy so WATCH OUT!!!! We had six substances which were egg, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, milk, lemon juice and soil and we mixed them one by one with the soil. Also we had pH paper that scientists use to test how much acid is in something. Something is either acidic, neutral or alkaline.

Last week, we went to our Wild Life Area for our outside classroom day. We looked at our pond that had tadpoles in it who like mouldy onions. In our Wild life area there is a little playground for wild animals. They have a climbing frame and a balance beam to play on. Also beautiful flowers are there too.

Last Friday, Chloe won four certificates in celebration assembly and won the most in the school week.

Have a FANTASTIC holiday!!!!!!
Written by Maddison and Alesha

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