Super brain controls it all ?!

This week we visited the Life Bus and saw a talking brain! It controlled everything inside the bus. It even turned the roof into night time with the stars! We learned about some of the things brains can do including solving problems. For example, two animals wanted to be in a talent show BUT there was only one place left. 3a solved the problem; we suggested that they both played together…. they did and they WON! There was also a model of a body which lit up to show where your brain, heart, liver are…  We found out what effect some drugs have on those parts of the body. IT WAS GREAT!

In English we have been writing discussion texts. Is the Loch Ness Monster real or myth? Mr Stansfield was really impressed with our great ideas and writting.

We started a new learning journey in Maths. Our challenge is to discover (work out) Mr Stansfield’s secret number. We will let you know what it is next week! (We hope!)