Strawberry ICE CREAM!

On Monday, we made tasty, strawberry ice cream! We found out that when you pour salt onto ice cubes it helps them melt…but this needs heat energy to melt which it gets from the warmer strawberry milk liquid, making the milk colder and colder until it becomes solid delicious ICE CREAM!!

We also wrote the instructions ‘How to make your own ice cream’ to take home and make our own at home!

Happy Chinese New Year! We learned about the Chinese Zodiac and how the animals were chosen in the ‘The great race’ by the Jade Emperor. 2017 is the year of the rooster.

We enjoyed writing our own ‘Into the Forest’ narrative which also included characters that speak. To make this work, we used inverted commas (Speech marks).


Yesterday, we visited Weston College for a health and fitness day. Thanks to all their students for helping us have a fantastic day. Although we were tired, it was a great day. 3a earned a certificate for our brilliant attitude and behaviour too!

We have also been programming using Scratch this term. We think it is great to be able to control the sprite and make our own backgrounds.

In science we have also been investigating whether we can see in the dark (no light)… we discovered that we do need light to see in the dark because you must have a light source reflected off an object so that you can see. SEE you soon!