Star Reviewers!

Last term, two groups of Year 6 children were asked to read and review books for ‘The Reading Agency’. There was great excitement when two titles arrived for us to look at- ‘Diary of a Time Traveller’ written by David Long and illustrated by Nicholas Stevenson, and ‘Myth Raiders: Medusa’s Curse’ written by A.J. Hunter and illustrated by James de la Rue.

We worked in two different groups to read and discuss the books before sending off our feedback. Overall, the responses were very positive for both books. Here are a few of our comments about them

Myth Raiders.

“It’s a great adventure story!” Julia

I really liked this book! I would recommend it even tho’ it’s not my normal type of book.” Brooke

“It’s so good- there’s loads of exciting bits and the characters are great. I really recommend it.” Connor

“It’s really exciting when they go to different places. The characters are really good and I would recommend it to anyone.” Alfie.


Diary of a Time Traveller

” The mixture of story and facts might really help people who hate history.” Charlie

” The pictures really help- if you don’t understand the facts, the pictures explain more…” Lily-Rose

” The book has an edge of mystery…I really liked how it was presented.” Ruth