Sssssssssnake and an elf!

This week we have had yet another visitor. Freddie came to see us this week although it was a little cold for Freddie!
Freddie is Bobbie’s pet corn snake who has no teeth so Bobbie told us!

The children of 2B were very excited and this visit has inspired us ready for our topic after Christmas.
Also this week Snowflake the elf made an appearance, however Snowflake has got herself stuck in a jar because Christmas does not officially start until Wednesday 6th December. We are very excited about having an elf in our class although Mrs Butler is not so sure.
Friday morning was very busy for us as we had our parents/carers in for open morning which was great fun.
Rehearsals of our Christmas performance are in full swing, we are looking forward to performing for all our parents and carers SEE YOU THERE!

Helping hands last week were Maisie and Ava.
More news from 2B next week.