Spells, football and fun this week in 3b!

We have had a great week in 3b – learnt lots and had some fun as well!

We had an author visit from CJ Busby who has written several books, including Frogspell which we are reading at the moment. We love the book and it was so interesting meeting her and hearing all about being an author.  Some people were so inspired that they said afterwards that they would like to be authors too! Mrs McArdle and Mrs Corlett cannot wait to see their books in the future (and they promised to dedicate one to them as well!).

We started our new topic which is called ‘Bournville in Bloom’.  It sounds like a great topic as we get to grow lots of plants and be creative which we love. It will all end in the Bournville Flower Show so we will let you know more details about that later on in the term.

In art this week we took inspiration from Monet’s paintings and tried using his technique to paint our own flowers. The results were fantastic and we will show you a picture of the lovely display when it is up, but these photos show some of the work.



On Monday we had a football match with 3A at lunchtime. This was great fun – even though we lost! The next match will be hockey so maybe we will do better at that! Thank you to Miss Wright and Mr H for organising the matches!

Tyler and Corey racing after the ball towards out goal!

Tyler and Corey racing after the ball towards out goal!

Things we have learnt this week:

That you don’t have to be a perfect speller to be an author.

How to exchange twice in column subtraction.

What the parts of a flower are for.

How to paint like Monet.

How to write a spell.