Special sports week.

This week in school we have been very lucky to be part of some really special sporting events. On Tuesday we took part in a whole school exercise relay, to raise money for a very good sporting charity. We all had to do a set of excercises for a certain amount of time in the hall. It was hard work, but we did a great job in 1a. Then after wards we were privileged to be able to meet Ben Rushgrove, medal winning Olympian. He was really interesting and told us all about how he had trained to run in the Paralympics.

Then on Wednesday we met Kevin a coach for the British Wheelchair basketball team. He had come in to teach us all about wheelchair basketball. He even brought in wheelchairs so that we could have a go at it. It was excellent fun, and we were really good at it. Each team was able to play a game of basketball and we bid brilliantly scoring baskets.
What a great week!!! image