Spacejackers- Huw Powell

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Abandoned as a baby on the planet Remota, deep in the seventh solar system, Jake Cutler lives a sheltered life. But all that changes when his home is invaded by ruthless space pirates with just one target: him.

Soon Jake is on the run with a bounty hunter and the suspicious-looking crew of a spaceship called the Dark Horse. Forced to contend with zero-gravity, shipwrecks and black holes, Jake must discover the truth about his past before he is hunted down and caught. And as for the crew of the Dark Horse, could there be more to his new-found friends than meets the eye?

This is such a great adventure story! Described by the publishers as a cross between Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, the book is packed with the action and excitement of both. Powell creates his own universe, populated with planets and peoples that are detailed enough for the reader get a real feel for this world.

Jake is a very strong hero. Not only is he brave and clever, but he is also loyal and has strong values, speaking out against things he feels are wrong. His relationships with both Nanoo and Kella develop well and they make a convincing team. The Dark Horse is crewed by a motley group, making it an interesting place to be.

A great book to read aloud to a class or to have on a ‘must read’ list, Spacejackers  is a pacey, satisfying read with something for everyone. It’s magnifty!

Reviewed by Mrs Wilsher.

Note to parents:

This is my personal opinion about this book. I always recommend that you read/ look carefully at anything your child is reading to ensure you are happy with it. You know your child best!