Space Jacker, Huw Powell, comes to visit!

Today, Year 4, 5 and 6 were treated to a visit from author, Huw Powell, who came to talk to us about his ‘Space Jackers’ books. 

Huw told us how he grew up in a Somerset village and never thought that he could be an author. He used to go home from school and draw comics and write little stories.

When he was older, Huw took up writing as a hobby- and this led to writing the Space Jackers books. There are now three in the series.

Having read to us from the first book, Huw asked us to think about space travellers and pirates and how we could combine the two things to create a Space Pirate. He then drew our ideas to create our own character – Captain Jack Skull!

The children were really inspired by this and asked lots of great questions. We had a quiz and then HUw read to us again from his new book. It was great to see children reading along with him.

When we went back to class, they started to draw Space Pirates of their own! Huw signed lots of copies of his books for us before he left.

Thank you so much for coming to visit us and being so inspiring!