Short Sports Day!

Yesterday, we took part in the school sports day.  It was excellent except for one thing- it rained so we couldn’t finish our events!  What a shame!  We will now report on the events we did do.

Long Jump

We had to run really fast and jump into the sandpit.  Tyi jumped 3m 10cm.  Mayson jumped 2m 50cm.  Amy jumped 2.3m.  Incredible jumping!

High Jump

Reece was a bit disappointed because he didn’t jump the fourth jump.  No worries- it’s an incredible achievement to get to fourth anyway!  Tyi broke his personal best by jumping 1.1m.  We don’t think anyone in Y3/4 has jumped that high before!


This was funny because Mrs Hughes and Mr Matthias were standing in the wrong place and got hit a few times by javelins.  Luckily they were very soft javelins!

We hope to finish the events in PE next week.