Shogi-oggy oggy!

Yesterday, 4B carried out a Japanese composition technique called ‘Shogi’.  We had to play different kinds of instruments such as pianos, xylophones, cymbals, glockenspiels and many other different instruments.  What was weird about Shogi was you could play anything in the room.  Here’s the unusual things we played.

Tyi played a table in G3.

Chardonnay la la la’d with her voice.

Julia played the chair.

Jessica played a toy dinosaur using a felt tip pen.  She certainly made a brand new instrument there!

The whole point was for us to learn about composition and making music  creatively.  We also learned that music can be written down so that another player can play your composition correctly.

Ellie-Mae thinks Shogi is really fun because you can play lots of different instruments.

Jessica M thinks it is fun because we could learn about different things.

Poppy thinks some of the tunes were very peaceful.

We are all so excited about travelling to Thurrock this time next week to work with the Royal Opera House!

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