“She has a lovely face…….”

This week we have been immersing ourselves in The Lady Of Shalott, our literacy book for this term. In groups, we practised reciting the final, dramatic verse of the story and had to use our voices, hands and facial expressions as if we were acting it out. We all did very well and will probably remember that verse forever!!


We had our second intra school match today too – this week it was hockey!! We played 5b and won!! Mrs.Charles was very impressed with our team work and our focus! The star player, chosen by Miss Wright, was Dionne!

The Winning Team

grat team-work!

Great team-work!


Holly came on as a substitute for Tania and played very well – even in her coat!! Well done to everybody, especially the rest of the class who came to support!

Lastly, we were very proud that our friend Corey Turnbull received his Headteacher’s award today. Taylor was invited – very honoured! – and took this picture of the cake! It didn’t last very long!!


Have a good weekend! More from us next week.