Seals take on a challenge!

Hello again

This week Seals were given a challenge to build a bridge strong enough for a Billy Goat to cross. We provided a range of materials including straws, sticks,plastercine, bricks, and tape, yet we offered no guidance. The children were really engaged and motivated by the task and worked really hard. We saw children ask each other for help and work cooperatively.


Brooke decided to use plastercine to support her pipe cleaners. “Oh it won’t stay up…I know I can use tape”, she says.


Samson wanted to use bricks.


Seth says, “My bridge is not strong”. Mrs Morris asks How can you make it stronger?  “I could put some tape on it”, he replies solving the problem.


Kacper Joined his friend Morgan and built a bridge under Morgan’s bridge.”The troll goes here”, he says pointing to the gap under the bridge.

In maths this week the children have been using the Numicon pieces to try to make 10 in lots of different ways.P1040744

Theo placed a 4 and two 3’s together to make a shape the same size as the number 10 Numicon piece, what great problem solving!

We will be posting more news soon so keep checking our blog, bye for now.