Seals are superhero’s

This week in Seals we have been really busy in maths learning about shapes. We have learnt all about Squares, Circles, Triangles and Hexagons. Maybe our grown-ups can ask us some questions on these shapes.

In phonics we have learnt the sounds I n m d and we know the actions to help us remember these sounds so maybe we could show you..

We have a new building site in our role play area where we get to build new constructions.

“I have built a new house in the construction area “says Nylah

Callum says “I made some models using bricks.”In Seals we have been finding out about Children in need. We have made some wishes for the children we could help. Here are some of our wishes.” I wish the children could all have grownups to help them” said Tayah-mai  Danyl said “I wish they could all have money to help them”. Brooke wished they could all have beds and keep warm. We all came to school in our superhero outfits to help raise money for all our wishes to come true for the children in need. We had lots of fun.  Roxy, Allana and Mia said it was brilliant!sup