Scientists v Aliens !

Our opera now has a title. Yes, there will be scientists and aliens but, other than telling you that, our lips are sealed. Tickets are now available from the school office and places are limited so get your tickets as soon as possible.

As you can imagine, with an opera to write and perform we have had a very busy week. All of our songs are now written and melodies composed. Our set designer, Bradley, has constructed his plan and our makers, under the watchful eye of our Production Manager, Rosie, have been busy making props. Our make up artists, Mykee and Lilly, have created several options for our alien’s make-up and are ready to start practising on the cast. Renay and Lukas, the Company’s Public Relations representatives, have created posters to publicise the Opera and are ready to start on the brochures. The cast have been practising, musicians rehearsing and our Company Manager , Maria, has been run ragged co-ordinating it all!

We are all working very hard to make sure we can produce an opera experience you will all enjoy. Don’t forget to purchase those tickets!

From 3b