Science Day

Hello Penguin and Seal followers We had a visit from our local PCSO’s Kai and Ben last Friday to talk to us about stranger danger, staying safe on the roads and stealing. We had a look at some police equipment and our Teachers were really impressed with what we knew already about road safety and not talking to strangers. On Wednesday we had a science day in reception. In the morning we had lots of activities to explore such as sorting magnetic materials, parachutes, exploring springs and different coloured looking paddles. We made Jelly to look how liquids can change state and even did a science experiment involving coke and mento mints which fizzed and exploded like a volcano. We loved this!! In the afternoon each group took it in turns to work at a science station. We explored circuits, made our own telephones to explore sound, explored wet and dry sand, explored clay, timing cars going down ramps, feely boxes, sorting objects that float and sink. We even did some blind folded food tasting which was hilarious and involved us trusting the grown up not to give us anything too disgusting!! Tomorrow we have our ‘colour run’ and then Friday we are looking forward to our Summer Fayre. See you all there!!!