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Science All Around Us

This week we have had our science and environment hats on!

We walked to the sea front on Wednesday to meet up with Fay again, who works for the council helping us to stay safe in times of severe weather and flooding. She showed us the flood gates, how they are operated and why they were built in the first place! We then walked up to Knightstone Pier to look at the site of the Dutch Dam! This is enabled by a giant magnet which removes the metal plates to reveal giant Lego-type bricks under the ground. This dam stops the water from hitting and flooding the houses and hotels on the sea front. It was, in Theo’s words, ” a life-changing experience!” We learned a lot and we are very grateful to Fay and Martin for explaining it to us so well.

Our science experiment this week was to try to make salt crystals. We stirred salt into hot water until the salt started to gather up at the bottom. Then, we put a paperclip in the water and we hope that the salt will form crystals around the “seed”. More of this next time!

We hope you had a good Sport Relief day – we all wore sporty clothes and gave money to charity!

Have a good weekend!


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