School Photographs on Wednesday 9th November

The school photographer is coming to the school on Wednesday 9th November.

Arrangements for school age brothers/sisters to be photographed together

If all your children attend the school and you wish them to be photographed as a family group, please complete the slip below, detailing their names and classes and return the slip to school by Tuesday 1st November 2016.

Arrangements for pre-school children to be photographed with brothers/sisters

If you have pre-school children who you would like to be photographed with their siblings, the photographers will be available from 8.15am to take these photographs.  Please arrive no later than 8.30am to ensure that your older children can be photographed and in school for registration.  School photographs must start at 9.00am prompt so that all children can be seen before the end of the school day.  Therefore any late arrivals with pre-school children may not be admitted.

Proofs of the photographs will be sent to the school approximately 7-10 days after the photographs have been taken. Please note that the photographer cannot return if your children are not in school on the 9th of November.