School Council Visit Houses of Parliament

Finally, the day had arrived and an excited coach of school councillors from Bournville, Milton Park, Oldmixon and Walliscote School were heading off towards the big smoke in the vain hope of meeting the Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be; however, they were met by amazing beautiful sunshine which was the perfect backdrop for the magnificent building that stood before them. As they admired the beautiful architecture from outside, they were totally unaware of the splendours that waited inside the Houses of Parliament. Greeted by Sophie and Ben, who were to be the tour guides, all the councillors filed through an airport-style security. 

Like royalty, they were allowed to enter the Houses of Parliament through the very door the Queen uses. Inside, the rich colours, endless gold and stunning paintings enthralled the students. Who would have believed it could have been so grand? During the visit, the students learnt so many interesting facts, for example: the Queen’s chair is higher than everybody else as nobody is allowed to sit at the same height as her; the Queen is not allowed in the House of Commons; most of the Houses of Parliament was destroyed by fire and the angels in the House of Lords are made of pure gold.

After visiting all these rooms, the next stop was learning about what really happens in Parliament. The councillors headed off to their very own Houses of Commons room where they gathered into their two parties and nominated a leader. Juned lead the blue party and the opponents were led by Santino. For the next hour, they learnt about the structure of democracy – from the local council to the European Union. They even had to come up with their own campaign to make a difference to the country and present it to the panel. The blue party wanted to campaign against water pollution and the yellow party wanted to increase the cost of junk food and make healthier food cheaper. The European leader, Mrs Berry; the public leader, who was Kodie, and the local MP, Amelia, were very impressed with both parties’ ideas and voted in agreement.

With a quick break to recharge their batteries and eat, the councillors were then heading off for the biggest ever big wheel. Dividing into two groups, they had to be ready to load into the pod as it slowly came round. Once in, due to the superb weather, the sights were amazing. For many of the school councillors, this was the highlight of the day.

Below are some quotes from the members to tell you their thoughts:

‘When we went to London, I liked the London Eye best because we went up so high.’

Maddi (Bournville School – 3a)

‘It was funny that the Queen had a secret toilet.’

                                                            William (Bournville School – 3a)

‘I found the Houses of Parliament visit interesting and am happy that I got to experience it with my friends and teachers. It was a LOT of fun!’

                                                            Chloe (Bournville School – 5a)

‘My trip to London was AMAZING! It was so grand and everything was big.’

                                                            Kyle (Bournville School – 5a)

‘My favourite thing about London was going on the London Eye because I could see the amazing landscape and all the buildings.’

                                                            Alishya (Bournville School – 5b)

‘The thing I liked about London was that I went on the London Eye.’

                                                            Tyler (Bournville School – 5b)

‘I liked the London Eye (sort of). I was a little bit scared but I was okay. Also, we saw a crocodile in the River Thames. In the Houses of Parliament we could have seen David Cameron. We got to see our MP, John Penrose.’

                                                            Amelia (Bournville School – 3b)