Save the world!

What a busy term we have had in 6b-we can’t believe that the holidays are already here!

This week we have been concentrating on writing non-chronological reports. As part of our work on Floodlands, we have been researching and writing about the effects of Global Warming. Our recent topic on global warming has fitted in perfectly with the recent UN reports that were reported in the news this week. We all went home and watched the news and read newspaper articles to help support our writing.

Miss Wright has been delighted with our reports-she has been really impressed with the technical language used, the structure and range of connectives used through out-feel free to pop in and have a read. Are you doing your bit for global warming?

Here are a few top tips for you to try at home to try and reduce the speed on global warming:

  • Recycle
  • Re-use
  • Turn off any unused electrical items
  • Reduce the amount of water that you use-why not try having a quick shower instead of a bath?

We would also like to congratulate the schools Quick Sticks team who competed yesterday at Windwhistle-they managed to beat Oldmixon and Waliscotte and came 3rd overall. Millie, Luke and Jakub in our class competed in the competition-well done!!!

Have a happy holidays-we will see you in Term 5!