Our school is dedicated to looking after all our children the best we possibly can. Safeguarding covers children’s physical, social and emotional well-being and runs alongside our work on Health and Safety and E-safety.

The school has a ELAN Safeguarding Policy 2019-20 that is in line with recommendations from NSSCB. The policy is reviewed annually by governors and is a working document that reflects our practice. Parents/carers can request a paper copy from the office.

Part of our responsibility in this area is to work with outside agencies such as Educational Welfare or Social Care to make sure all pupils are kept safe. This means that at times we are obliged to pass on concerns or information to these agencies. The school will always do this in consultation with parents unless to do so could put a child at risk To do this effectively we have one teacher who co-ordinates this work, this person is known as the Designated Teacher for Safeguarding.

The Designated Teacher for Safeguarding in Bournville Primary School is Mrs. Chris Chaffey.

Chris is the Deputy Headteacher and has an office just off the main entrance in the locality corridor.  Our Deputy Safeguarding Lead is Fiona Bennett.

Any concerns about children’s welfare or wellbeing should be discussed with Chris or Fiona as soon as possible. If Chris is not available please speak to Marie Berry or Sian Charles.

If you have a safeguarding query you can also email [email protected]

There is a planned curriculum for safeguarding. This teaches your children how to keep themselves safe and what to do if any adult makes them feel unsafe. This curriculum is created from the work of Childline, NSPCC, and NSSCB‘s booklet entitled ‘Adults who work with me’. A copy of this can be seen on the parents table in the school foyer and a copy is kept in every classroom.

Topics covered include:

  •  Our homes
  • Presents and rewards
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Touch
  • Caring for me
  • One child and one adult
  • Transport and trips
  • Photography and videos
  • Talking about worries

Please see the curriculum plan: Safeguarding Curriculum

If you have any concerns about the behaviour of someone working or volunteering with children please contact the DOfA – Designated Officer for Allegations via the Referral and Assessment Team.

Referral and Assessment Team  – Designated Officer for Allegations (DOfA)  Telephone: 01275 888808

North Somerset Children’s Safeguarding Board

Safeguarding Prevent Agenda – Educate Against Hate Website launched by Nicky Morgan. This landmark resource is designed to give advice on preventing extremism and helping to protect children and young people from radical views