Roving Reporters

Hello 6b fans!

Wow! what a busy week it has been in 6b. This week we have been journalists. We spent the beginning of the week pulling apart newspaper articles to recognise features. As the week went on we began looking for ways to hook the reader writing exciting, short and snappy headlines that were full of alliteration.

It turned out that we are fantastic journalists in 6b. We all wrote interesting newspaper reports about Skellig being found in the garage by a demolition company.

As a class we are getting to grips with using our new Apple TV, we have been filming our drama to watch and use to support our writing. It has been great to use it for mental maths games too!

For the second week in a row Turn Up Ted will be in our classroom as we won the attendance award again! Hurray!

Look forward to catching up with you again next week 6b fans! 🙂