Rotten Romans!

Welcome back 4B fans!  This week we started our new topic about Invaders and Settlers. Term 3 will be all about the Romans, then Term 4 and 5 we will be doing our opera topic followed by Term 6 when we complete our Invaders topic with ‘The Vikings’.  What an exciting start to 2015!

Did you know the Romans lived over 2000 years ago?  On Tuesday we painted shields, made weapons and constructed helmets.  The weapons even had blood on them!

That evening, Mr Tucker dusted off his time machine in his garage and brought Claudius Maximus (a real life Roman Soldier) into 2015 but Mr Tucker carelessly lost him!  We hope we can find him.  Some of us think he might be looking around Asda.

Maddie said,

“I can’t wait to meet a Roman soldier!”

IMG_1836 IMG_1843 IMG_1824 IMG_1822 IMG_1814 IMG_1812 IMG_1809