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Hello 6b fans,

This week we have been working our hardest at trying to improve our knowledge in numeracy. We have also been looking at missing angles and learning the key facts. Do you know how many angles there are in a straight line?

This week in literacy we have been working as journalists. We have all written a newspaper article reporting on the recent floods in Somerset. We have had fun inventing headlines that play on words. here are some of our favourites:

It’s Raining, Its Pouring!

The Big One!

Disaster Strikes!

The Great Floor War!

Rain Rain Go Away!

SOS Stop Our Storms!

Please read a few of our articles…

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

Heavy rain has battered many rural parts of Somerset causing chaos. This has been due to the super storms attacking the UK at the moment.                            

Over the New Year many people living on the Somerset Levels have suffered after the chaos the storms have brought. The farming community have suffered the most due to the extreme weather seen over the last few weeks. Scientists believe this is due to a low lying Jet Stream that has cast over the UK this winter.

Farmer Jason  has confirmed that he has lost almost all of his live-stock amounting to thousands of pounds.   Farmer Jason has been quoted as saying “My poor animals (the ones that haven’t died) have had no food or clean drinking water for weeks. My crops have been destroyed and I have no way of providing for my family this year because of this terrifying flooding this winter has brought.”

Local residents Lee, Emma, Vinnie & Kaci of a small village on the Somerset Levels have reported that they are now homeless and have lost all of their worldly belongings. “We have lost everything! My wife has not long had our son Vinnie and is in no fit state to be shipped around from pillar to post!”  

Prime Minister David Cameron has visited the region and has promised residents that the Government will help in any way possible-locals have been left hopeful.

Reported by Kaci Neilson

Danger Strikes Somerset

There have been many different types of dangers throughout Somerset. The most common danger being floods, there has been a huge number of flood warnings in lots of different place in Somerset.

South west England has been battered by storms. High winds and heavy rain has caused power outages, road closures and widespread travel disruption, with hundreds of weather related emergencies, including motorists getting stuck in flood water. The environment agency warns of flooding on the Somerset levels and alarm bells ring for the local government association which urges people to look online for details of emergency accommodation in case they are forced out of their homes by rising water levels.

Not only have people been effected by the flooding so have many animals which means that the R.S.P.C.A have been really busy. They have been to the rescue on many occasions where the high water tides that have endangered the lives of many beloved house pets.                        

R.S.P.C.A worker, Charlee Franck says “ I love looking after animals but when it comes to saving them in flooding its hard as we have to protect ourselves and try save the animals.”

Not only do the R.S.P.C.A have a tough time caring for their animals as well, as they have to try and exercise them with all the water on their land. Farmer Tom says “ living as a farmer is very hard even without the horrific amount of water on our land so trying to care for my animals is even harder. I am so great full to the R.S.P.C.A as they have come out a few times to save my animals due to the flooding.”

There has also been a lot of water entering into people’s homes and destroying everything in them. Many people have been evicted from their homes due to the amount of water that has stopped them from leaving. A lot of elderly people have been forced to leave their homes, this is what Susan Busy Bottle Top had to say when she was taken from her house, “I can’t believe you are taking me from my own home I have been their two weeks with the water a bit longer won’t hurt”.

So there are a lot of people who can’t see  the amount of danger they put their selves in by staying in their flooded houses. In their flooded houses they have no way to get out to go to the shops to get food and to see family.

Reported by Grace Jago