Remember, remember the fifth of November

As well as blogging about what we’ve been up to, we’d love to tell you all about an assembly we saw this week.


4B would like to say thank you to Mrs Chaffey for such an informative assembly about Guy Fawkes and the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday.  We learned so much about why we have Bonfire Night on the fifth of November.  The story was very interesting and Mrs Chaffey brought it to life by dressing up some Year 2s in costumes.


In French we have been learning to count up to 20.  We were very good at 1-10 when we came into Year 4 but now we can go up to 20!  Kyle has been learning them up to 60 because he has been learning this at home.


We have enjoyed learning our times tables in maths and we used 100 squares to do this and spot patterns.


This week we started our swimming lessons at Sidcot School but we’ll tell you more about that next week!