Rags to Riches

This week, we finally showed off our ‘Rags to Riches’ performance.  We did really well doing the scene in Fagin’s den.  Ruth and Jess were some wheels, Julia played a boy and Amy, Poppy, Charlie and Amelia played horses.  We sang ‘I’d do anything’ and the parents looked very impressed.


We also finally finished writing our own rags to riches stories.  Our comments below are about our own stories:

Angel said,

“My story was about a girl called Analise and she was remembered as a statue at the end.”

Corey said

“It was about a boy who got thrown out of his house.”

Katy exclaimed,

“My story was about a rich girl called Mlear and she lost her house, money and servants.”

We have also been working on coming up with short pieces of musical theatre about a character whose routine is disrupted by an extraordinary event! Reece even sang some recitative as a wolf. He sang

“What have you done, you naughty boy?” Chardonnay even dressed up as a bride who liked to go fishing! What creative individuals we have in our opera company! Next term we will continue vocal training and create some sculptures to give us ideas for set design on our opera.  Have a nice week off!


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