Racing along!

This week, we have been rehearsing for our new show which we will perform NEXT WEEK. Get your tickets if you haven’t already! We are improving with every rehearsal.

Last week was arts week which had a sea theme. We wrote and edited Scary Sea Stories which we used for our storytelling. They were fab.

Our class book is ‘Stig of the dump’. Already, we have drawn a detailed plan of Stig’s cave and have been working on our persuasive language to create a estate agent’s brochure to sell it.

Our new science topic is ‘I like to move it! Move it!’ and we were looking how the stone-age people managed to move the blues stones from Wales to Stonehenge without machinery. We investigated different surfaces/materials to discover which was the best to move a stone across and why.

Yesterday afternoon was our sports day and all four teams did very well in the eight activities (including basketball, football dribble, javelin and sprint.) Mr S won the staff’s race at the end.

In maths we have been multiplying using the compact method. (The secret is knowing your times tables and lining up the digits!)