Pre-School Visit to Court Farm

We had a fabulous week last week. On Wednesday the morning children visited Court Farm for the day and Thursday we took the afternoon class. The children were amazing and loved every moment of being on the working farm. For many of our children it was the first time they had spent a whole day away from family members.
Even the bus journey was exciting. When we got there we were greeted by Val, our guide she showed us all the animals and around the farm. Our favourites were the little piglets who were less than two weeks old. They were quite cheeky, when their mummy had a little doze they sneaked out of their sty and played in the farm yard. They were very inquisitive and if we remained very still they came really close to us.
We watched the cows being milked and learnt where our milk comes from. The calves got to drink the milk in buckets and guess what? They used their long tongues to clean the milk off each other’s faces, they even cleaned the milk out of their nostrils…yuk!
We all had a chance to feed the lambs, they were really hungry, we had to hold the bottles very tight as they were trying to pull them out of our hands! We also saw hens, chicks, ponies, goats, donkeys. Another highlight of the day was a very bumpy tractor ride! We had to hold on tight. There was also lots of opportunities to play and have a run around.