Poetry and visitors

In 2b we have been reading ‘The Lonely Beast’. We have been thinking about how people feel about the beast living in the park.
We have had a visit from a disgruntled resident and she came in tell us why she is unhappy about the beast living in the park. The photograph shoes the resident talking to us.

Everyone has worked really hard to create a poem about jellyfish and we are going to publish our poems. Here is a poem written by Aimee
Jellyfish glide up and down
Jellyfish suck up water
Jellyfish are pink
Jellyfish has long legs
Jellyfish have squishy bodies
Jellyfish wiggles and wobbles
Jellyfish has stringy tentacles

In maths we have been learning about shapes, sorting them and translating them.

Also we have drawn a birds eye view of our bedrooms.

Helping hands this week are Ellie-Mai