Wow, what a really busy fortnight we’ve just had. As soon as we got back to school we raced on through our class book, Treason to catch up with 5B and start our new topic. Treason was an excellent book which kept us interested, excited and thinking right to the very end. Our new topic is, ‘To Be or Not to Be, ‘which fits in with the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. We have already read, watched and enjoyed shortened versions of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, written biographies of Shakespeare’s life and compared his school-days with ours. Chloe and Kyle, our school council representatives visited London; toured the Houses of Parliament; had a debate, voted and rode on the London Eye.

On Monday Kyle represented Bournville Primary School in an inter-school quiz. The following day we all visited 29 Commando at a freezing Plymouth, but we received a very warm welcome and toured the Citadel, took part in an Assault Course, learnt how to march and visited a military computer suite. The very next day we successfully completed the Tetrahedron Challenge, which involved teams (some of whom were blindfolded) building triangular based pyramids and then combining these to make one big, class pyramid which stood over 3 metres high.  

We have also found time to win Turn up Ted, a weekly attendance certificate and the attendance certificate for terms 3 and 4.   At the same celebration assembly we received the ‘Most improved lunch-time behaviour certificate’ and shared the Lunch Stars award!

This morning, we listened to our school’s music concert in which Leah, Poppy, Alice and Natalia played their instruments and this afternoon six of us ‘Went Potty’ and did some gardening.

Throughout all of this we have still found time to work hard at our reading; our tables; multiplication; reading, writing and ordering large numbers; researching how animals adapt to their environment, PE……..thank goodness this is a three day weekend! Enjoy the Bank Holiday.