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Perfect Parachutes

As part of our amazing work on forces in Science, we made some parachutes.  The control parachute was made of a plastic bag and string.  Attached at the bottom was our ‘person’ which was a ball of playdough.  We then decided which variable to test for our experiment and changed that in our test parachute.  Using Dr Tom’s question format, we made our question like this-

What happens to the speed of descent if you change the ______ but keep everything else the same?

Our variables to test included shape, material, length of strings and mass of person jumping!  Here are pictures of us carrying out our experiment.

SAM_3358 SAM_3362 SAM_3364 SAM_3365 SAM_3369

Brandon suggested the mass might affect it but Mr Tucker thinks he has opened a whole can of worms looking into mass and forces!  Next lesson we will watch a video of astronauts carrying out a similar test on the moon and see if mass really does affect it like Brandon thinks.