Parliament Week and Children in Need

What a busy week the school had last week with celebrating Parliament Week and Children in Need.

Starting with Parliament Week, the school council launched this event by holding an assembly on Monday. The children learnt about Parliament and the leaders of our political parties. It was then announced that Bournville was running their own election campaign to find a suitable candidate for Chairman of the council. There were six candidates that felt they had the skills and qualities for this job so they all went hope to prepare their speech to persuade the children of Bournville to vote for them. Each class then watched the videos of their speeches and every child had the opportunity to vote on their slip which they then placed in the ballot box.

Other activities during the week included debating issues close to the children’s heart and a colouring completion of the Houses of Parliament for KS1.

To close the week, we had a visit from our local MP Mr John Penrose whose job was to announce the winners of our Bournville School Council election. We now have our elected chairman Dawid, the vice is Jonas and our secretary is Renay. After the announcement, the KS2 children had a Q&A session with Mr Penrose to find out what it’s really like to be a MP. Before Mr Penrose had to rush of for a meeting, he just had time to pop along to award Olek his prize for winning the colouring competition – congratulations!

In addition to all these activities, the School Council also had to arrange some fund raising events for Children in Need on Friday. They chose that it was to be a Spotacular event and children were encouraged to wear spots on Friday. They gave the challenge to each class to see how many Pudsey Bears they could cover with coins. 5A definitely rose to this challenge by being the winning class that managed to cover 36 ½ Pudsey Bears. Their other fundraising event was the traditional cake sale and the School Council certainly shone here by staying after school on Thursday to demonstrate their baking skills. At break on Friday, the crowd descended to buy their cake and donate their money to the Children in Need.

To finish off their duties for Children in Need, some members of the School Council spent Tuesday lunchtime counting all the silver coins raised and bagging it for the office to bank for them and then in the afternoon they visited Asda to empty the copper into Coinstar to directly donate to the charity. We are pleased to announce that Bournville raised over £575 for Children in Need – well done to all of you and many thanks!