Owl fun!!

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We have been reading the story about the Owl Babies in class.
We wanted to find out lots of things about owls. Where do they live? Why do they sleep all day?
How lucky were we when Maisie from penguins class said “My Granny & Grandad have got an owl!”
Lloyd & Rose came in on Monday with their Tawny Owl they spent time in our class answering all our questions.
It was wonderful having a real owl in. Thank you so much to Maisie & her Grandparents.
Marlena drew the owl babies Sarah,Percy & Bill.
In number time we are learning about symmetry, I did a pattern with the peg boards. You have to put the same colour on the other side – Matty
In morning time we are writing our names Alexis showed her Mummy how good she is now.
On Friday we came to school dressed in our pyjamas and helped to raise money for children in need.
In the afternoon we had a bedtime story, hot chocolate & biscuits. Yum Yum!
What a great week in Seals class!