Out of School Activity

Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs, Holiday Clubs and much more!

XTND are here to work with you and your children throughout your time at Bournville.

  • Set up in 2006, our charity raises money for breakfast, after school and holiday clubs, sporting activities, parent groups, courses, one off adventures and much more.These activities are for you and your family.
  • We raise money to buy equipment and resources for your school and for the clubs.
  • We can help you with finding local groups to support you with worries about money, health, parenting, job skills etc.
  • We work with your Headteacher, parent support advisor, local groups and organisations. 

Find more about us by looking at our website, social media, call us, come in and see us. 

KEEP IN TOUCH: Web: www.xtnd.org.uk

Twitter: @XTNDCharity

Facebook: XTND-Improving Futures or Telephone: 01934 427134