Once Upon a Time

Hello Seals and Penguin followers

Sorry we have not blogged for a couple of weeks but we are here now to tell you all about our exciting learning! 

This term we are learning all about Fairy Tales. We are talking lots about what makes a good fairy tale such as characters, settings, story language and whether there is a happy or sad ending. 

As the term goes on we will be learning how to write and illustrate our own story.

Of course to be a good author we need to be able to use our phonics so we are working extra hard to focus on what we don’t know and to practise so we get better. It will be really great if you can practise with your child at home e.g. Learn all their sounds, read and SPELL sight words. Read with your child so they apply their phonic knowledge.  You could even see if they could try and write a sentence without your help! 

In maths we are trying really hard to know our numbers especially our teen numbers! We also are doing simple addition and subtraction in fun and practical ways! 

This week we have been doing story squares and telling our teachers aka ‘story ladies’ our own stories and they have been writing them down so we can retell them and story square them with our friends.

Keep posted for more news!