Off With Your Head!!

Thursday 3rd March 2016 5b travelled all the way to Hampton Court Palace! We went to look at where King Henry VIII used to live many years ago. When we first arrived we were amazed at how huge the palace was! We found out that Hampton Court was a city within a city; no outsiders were allowed to pass through the palace gates unless the King invited them. We looked at the kitchens and we realised that King Henry really enjoyed eating meat pies.

In the Great Hall, we saw many magnificent tapestries that had all been hand sown. We were amazed to learn that it was only men who created the tapestries and to sew all of them only took two years ; we thought that it would have taken at least ten years to complete! Alaska’s group found out that the tapestries told the story of Abraham. In the Great Hall there were also eaves droppers; they were there to remind people not to speak badly about the King as there are ears listening everywhere!

We explored the huge gardens of Hampton Court where there was a fountain, statues, beautiful trees and even some deer!

We had a fantastic time and would love to visit again!


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